Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, this picture says it all. We are glad to be home, but tired from the trip. Today is sunny and just below freezing here in Homer, and it is quite a shock to go from sitting on your balcony sipping coffee in the morning to sitting on the couch looking at snow. The trip home was long, especially sitting in those airplane seats for 6-plus hours, which we decided was just short of torture. But Thea and Liam did pretty well, sleeping the whole time. We rested at our friends' house in Anchorage for a few hours, then headed out for the five-hour trip home. Thea slept most of the way, but gave us an hour or so of serenading at top notes when she wanted to hang out and we wanted to drive on.
When we got home, the house was in surprisingly good shape, except for some snow in the driveway and our water heater being off. But a magic fairy had come in and left lasagna and cookies - so nice to come home to.
And Thea is absolutely glad to be home (not to mention Liam, who is still rediscovering all his long-lost toys.) Thea played happily on her activity mat for a good half-hour last night, and seems quite happy to fall asleep in her swinging chair. She also slept happily in her cosleeper, much to my joy, since she's been snuggling next to me for a month and I was worried she would be hard to move. I just sleep so much better when I'm not being punched and kicked all night long. I'm going to try the crib out pretty soon, once things get settled, and see how that goes. We moved Liam at 3 months, and it was awesome - just two feedings a night. We'll see if Thea follows suit.
I went through her drawers this morning and took out all the 0-3 month clothes that won't fit her long body any more. Putting the new ones in was kind of fun - like Christmas all over again. So many cute little clothes, it's hard to choose what to wear. Then again, I'm still in my jammies, so who knows if we will even get out of those today.
All in all, it is good to be home.

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