Wednesday, March 19, 2008

toes, dreams and smiles

Thea has been on an early morning kick (literally) for the past week, waking around 5 a.m. with gas and kicking and grunting around in bed until one of us gets up with her. Once up, of course, she is all smiles and charm, then crashes after about a half-hour in her beloved swingy chair. So this morning I got up with her in a daze, and went into the laundry room to change her diaper. I promptly walked into the tool box and banged my toe up pretty bad - realized later in the day that my toe nail is cracked about half-way down. Ugg. What a way to wake up.
I was looking at some early days picks of Thea today, and she really has changed so much. She's got so much personality these days. Tonight I went out with a couple friends to try and flesh out our business plan for the WordWorks idea. We went to Fat Olives and had apps and a bottle of wine, and while I managed to forget our postcards at home, the night went very well on Thea's end. She nursed through the meeting, then accompanied Jackie and I to Cups for dessert, where she made goo-goo noises for everyone and doled out big smiles like jelly beans on Easter morning. She didn't even holler once the whole evening - not getting in and out of the car seat or getting carted through the nasty snow. Pretty awesome.
I may soon have to stop complaining about life with a newborn - she's really not any more. Lots of work, for sure, but not really a newborn. Today I had Oskar, Liam's preschool friend, over for the day. We picked him up this morning and walked the beach (Thea napped in the Snugglie), then went to the library for story hour, where Thea blew her diaper in the middle of the art project, and I was very greatful I'm not the mother of twins. Back at home, the boys had a lot of fun and Thea managed to nap at the crucial points - lunch, bathroom situations, etc - and be mellow enough to handle the rest of the time.
All in all, it was a looong day. But I have a lot to be thankful for as the mother of an almost 3-month-old who is gradually moving back into life as most of us know it. I know I'm jinxing myself, but...
Pictures later.
Oh, tonight I fit back into the jeans I bought last April when I went to Anchorage totally unaware that I was preggo and went shopping. By the end of that month, I couldn't get into them. I've been looking at them ever since, wondering if they would ever fit again. Small victories.

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