Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter madness

At 12 weeks (last Friday) I put Thea in her crib for the night for the second time in her life. I hadn't been sleeping very well with her next to me, and more often than not, she was spending half the night nursing, which was a tad hard on the neck (mine, not hers.) So in honor of Liam's wellbaby nurse, Betty Eneboe, who helped most of Homer's population make it through their early years, we put her in the crib. At Liam's three-month check-up, Betty told us sternly that it was "time to put that baby in a crib." She was absolutely right. Liam woke only twice that first night, and soon was sleeping through the night.
Thea didn't do too badly the first night or the second, waking two or three times in the night. But last night she woke at 11, 12, 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30. Gaaahhhh. Must have been all those chocolate easter eggs I ate yesterday.
Today, as we ventured out on the town to take Liam to Raspberry Lane, I got that feeling that I should not be driving. My face had been twitching for the past couple days, something I always attribute to being on the edge of some sort of cliff. Today, it was like someone was pinning a vodoo doll of me - my eyes were going off like crazy. At the coffee shop, I kept losing my train of thought half way through a sentence, and it didn't get better as the day went on - not aided by the fact that the dog's anal gland got plugged and not only did she stink after a trip to the vet but I got the honor of applying some medicine to her butt (in, not on) for the next three days while Matt is in Soldotna for more training. It is possible that my nerves were a tad frayed.

So I tried to get a little nap, though Thea was still restless. I settled down for a bit, then heard a rustling sound behind me. The (stinky) dogs were outside, so I realized it had to be Liam. I looked around the corner and saw him with a stool trying to get into his easter basket not 10 feet away from where I was sleeping. BUSTED.
It was not the day to pull something like that with me. I gave him ten minutes on the seat, then told him he couldn't have candy or movies for two days. Then I sat him down and gave him this rambling lecture about trust and lying and a bunch of other stuff that I don't even remember. I'm pretty sure I made no impression whatsoever, until he found a jelly bean and I made him put it in his basket instead of eat it. That made an impression.
But I'm focusing on small victories - I put Thea down in her crib at 9 p.m. and she cried for maybe five minutes before nocking off. Yahoo. That's almost like a schedule sorta thing.
Here's to hoping she doesn't make me pay for that optimistic thought.

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