Friday, March 21, 2008

Daddy's girl

Thea and Matt are doing much better these days - as you can see from this picture. She tolerates his doting attention quite nicely on occasion. Perhaps these girls know what they are doing from the very beginning - make their dads earn every smile and keep them working at it. Whatever it is, it is lovely to see the two of them getting on so well, and not just because it means some day I might actually be able to escape for a few minutes to myself.
Well, I have survived spring break, which is an oxymoron when you have kids because having them home all day all week is NOT a break. I survived play dates, colds, a dishwasher that tried to quit and serious fits of grouchiness, and I'm happy to say that the house is only partly destroyed. That said, I cannot wait for Monday morning when I drop my dear son off at Raspberry Lane again. It is truly worth every penny to have four hours free of "Hey, Mom, do you know whhhaat?"
I talked to my grandmother today after whom Thea is named. Hopie said she heard I had a colicky baby, and to tell you the truth I didn't know how to reply. Either she's getting easier or I'm getting used to it or both. But if someone had asked me at 5:30 in the morning when she woke for the zillionth time this week, I would have replied differently, I believe. At that time of day she seems very colicky. But the old rule of thumb of a baby being colicky if they cry three hours a day three days a week- she doesn't do that. She just has a really hard time with farts.

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