Saturday, March 15, 2008


While we were in Hawaii, one of my molars started to hurt. I figured I would take care of it when we got back and chewed on the other side of my mouth. Then, several days ago, the molar on the other side started to hurt. Bad. I couldn't even chew there at all without getting zingers that made my eyes water. So, I made an appointment to have my mouth inspected. That appointment was on Thursday morning, but we had to go to Soldotna Wednesday night so I could interview a firefighter for a little story I am doing for a magazine. Matt was in Soldotna all week for training, so we took advantage of his hotel room and went for a road trip, despite colds and total lack of sleep for several nights. Then, we booked it back to Homer in the morning.
As we crested Baycrest Hill, Thea woke and started to cry. No biggie, Thea always cries. So I dropped Liam off at preschool and then went to the beach to let the dogs run around and pee before my dentist appointment. When I went to pull Thea out of her car seat for a snack, I knew something was wrong as soon as I reached in. Wet. Not just Wet. Really Wet. She had blown out her diaper with a huge poo all up her back and down her leg. Her carseat cover was soaked, she was wiped out, and screaming, and we're in a parking lot. So, with the door open to the nearly-freezing weather, I pulled off her clothes, wrapped her in a blanket, used about 100 wipes to clean her up, rediapered and dressed her and lined her carseat with a blanket to keep her seperate from the mess. Then we nursed, went to our friend Andrea's house, where I dropped her off, and headed to the dentist office.
They took 1,000 xrays and inspected my mouth. What did they find? Nothing. A couple tiny cavities, but nothing that should be really bothering me.
"So what's causing all this pain," I asked.
"Well, is it possible you are clenching your jaw," she responded.

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