Friday, March 28, 2008

Wanted: sleep

It is a week today since I put Thea in her crib, and a week since I've slept more than 2 or 3 hours in a row. Hopefully it's a growth spurt. Hopefully I will someday return to the land of the rested. For now, I have to make do with what I get, which isn't feeling like a whole lot right now. Earllier this week, she was up literally every hour all night. At around 4 a.m. I started banging my head into the pillow in frustration.
Actually, I'm kinda impressed with how well I can do on minimal sleep. Some days, I wake from that insanity and actually feel relatively human. But on the days when Thea has a bad DAY as well as night - like yesterday and last night - my humor is the first to go. Then I forget random stuff. And I don't do well with the 10,000 "hey, Mom's."
Thea's accomplishment of the week has been getting her hand to her mouth. She's very happy about it, but wow, does she drool now. I'm starting to wonder if she is teething a bit (Liam got his first tooth around 4 months). She's also started making tons of cooing noises, and some days she "talks" so much it is sort of like having a parrot in the house. I doubt she's going to turn into the strong, silent type any time soon.

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Anika said...

When the five millionth "Mama! mama! mama! mama! mama! MAMA!" (our version of your "Hey, mom...") rears its annoying head, I occasionally remember to remain calm. Recently I've been noticing my voice reaches a certain pitch in response that I have to think is my own equivalent to whining and without doubt equally annoying to Zephyr. It's that "Sigh... Just put your shoes on, will you?" tone of voice that seems to escalate my own personal stress and do nothing to encourage Z-boy in whatever activity I think it is that is so worthwhile. I take his whining as a reflection of my mood. Damn kids understand everything! So the past couple days I've been trying to do the whole "I am feeling happy; my kids are a joy" trick and it's surprisingly convincing! Good luck with surviving the ongoing joy!