Saturday, February 2, 2008

On shores of Maui

We made it. Two days’ travel, zillions of miles, and enough breastfeeding to make a lactation consultant cringe, and we landed on the sandy shores of Maui.
So what is it like traveling with a 1-month-old infant? Sort of like holding a grenade for 8 hours, hoping that you can provide the right combo to keep it from exploding into a fit of crying at the wrong moment. But I pretty much did it. She only had a couple freak-outs, and they were short-lived by Thea standards. The drive up to Anchorage was amazingly mellow – five hours in a car and we only stopped twice to feed and change her, and then she conked right out again.
Perhaps her grumpiest moment came when we landed in Maui and loaded up in Aunt Jennifer’s car. Sadly, Thea screamed her head off for a good 15 minutes before I inserted a finger in her mouth and she mellowed out. Jennifer is pregnant at the moment, and I can’t help but wonder what she thought of it all. Thea is certainly not a poster-child for reproduction.
Yesterday was a day of adjustment for all of us, and today as well, as we try to navigate how to leave the house with a child who cannot yet wear sunscreen and occasionally despises her Baby Bjorn. I am getting ear plugs, and I don’t care what kind of looks I get about it. Having a screaming child that close to you for more than 5 minutes is absolutely not good for your long-term hearing.
But, on the up side WE ARE IN FREAKIN’ MAUI. And every time there is a nap or a mellow moment, it is truly paradise. And Liam is having soooo much fun on the beach, digging for treasure and dancing around. Each year brings a new experience.

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Anonymous said...

just have a sec, but about sunscreen: get a big umbrella. then carry it if she's in the front carrier, or lie her down under it at the beach. we made good use of umbrellas in taiwan. in fact, our stroller had no sunshade so we rigged up a permanent umbrella to it instead. happy groundhog day!! not so much whining today, so we're feeling good. even got both the kids to nap. of course, zephyr has yet to fall asleep and it's almost 11pm, but... whatever... you take what you can get. anika.