Thursday, February 14, 2008

love bug

Thea's valentine present to both Matt and I is that she let him put her to sleep twice today. Once, I ditched her and she had little choice - Liam and I went to the beach for an hour and a half and she and Matt went several rounds of purple face before she finally crashed. The second time, I guess I ditched her again, but this time, I had to take a shower. I was shocked to hear the crying stop and even more shocked to see her totally asleep when I came out, cuddled next to her dad. Awesome.

Yesterday, however, was not so smooth. She nursed on and off all day, howled in between nursing and had two periods of calm that lasted about 9.2 minutes. I should really start keeping track, because no one would believe me otherwise, but it's not an exageration. I wonder if any studies have been done about the impacts of such colicy behavior later in life. While other babies are busy finding their toes, colicy kids are striving for that perfect pitch that sends everyone in a 2-mile radius into panic mode. Last night, after flipping out for several hours, we finally decided to try a bath to mellow her out. HAH. Have you ever held your screaming infant while she turned your bath into a jacuzzi with her churing legs while taking full advantage of the bathroom acoustics to rattle every brain cell in your head. Not at all relaxing.
On the plus side, she has had a couple nights of mellow - waking only at about midnight and 5 a.m.
And anyway, tomorrow she turns six weeks.

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