Sunday, February 10, 2008

poop post

OK, I promise not too many of the poop posts - but this one has to be told. Yesterday at breakfast, Thea let er rip with such force we were all impressed, but none more impressed than me when I felt a damp sensation and realized the daiper hadn't quite done it's job. At all. Yeesh.
Our friends Dan and Amanda and their little 8-month-old baby Gracie are staying with us. I think Gracie has given Matt some hope that the future will be a bit less howlie. Thea hasn't let go of her howling yet, but I'm hoping it will happen soon. I've taken to heading for the bedroom when she gets grouchy and just trying to get her to sleep. It works often enough to make it worthwhile.
We've got a bit of a routine going with early morning trips to the beach and afternoon naps. Matt's got some good suring in, and I've got a couple good walks in, too.
I'm anxiously awaiting the 6-week-mark in hopes that Thea turns the corner on the belly blues. That gives me five days left, right??? After that, she's not allowed to turn purple any more. I'm putting my foot down. Rigggght.


Anonymous said...

I feel little sympathy for your wet stinky lap. sunara once "let her rip with such force" (as you describe it) WHILE I was changing her diaper and she was conveniently aimed in my direction, that she not only got the length of my arm, shoulder and lap, but also the bed, pillow, wall and floor. (imagine someone sitting on a cycling water bottle full of squash soup... apologies for that overly picturesque comparison.) I believe the only thing she did not soil was herself. I laughed hard; what else can you do?!

gazelle is now, as of four hours ago, one whole year old! she celebrated by refusing to nap until 6pm then falling on a pointy pirate ship in the bath which caused a river of blood to flow from her birthday nose. yet, even still, happy birthday to us!

with love to you and yours, particularly your little poo factory. anika and the rabble.

Carey James said...

Oh, wow. I must admit, you get the prize for that one. squash soup is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Squash soup does give a good graphic. My personal howler gave himself a hernia, which was discovered a year into it. I had tricks that helped, like the way I held pressure on his stomach, but the most fun was when he would hold his breath and pass out. I believe he did that the first time when he was only days old. We would throw water at him to get him to catch his breath and start breathing again but that didn't always work. I just read the other day that John McCain did the same thing when he was a baby, at least I think it was McCain. anyway, wanted to share, you gotta do better than a year later, she's still screaming. Good thoughts to you and yours, enjoy the trip.