Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Leaf?

My friend Rosemary (who was honored with a million Thea smiles during our visit yesterday morning in exchange for a hand-knitted doll that Thea already stares at forever) said while watching the baby sleep for several hours as we chatted that she surely was turning over a new leaf. Thea's been sleeping better - nursing just as much but dozing right back off afterward and once in a while, she's doing a four-hour stretch, like 9 pm-1am.
Two days ago, she had her fit while I went to the gym, then slumbered the afternoon away. In fact, I had to wake her up to nurse and she was in such a deep sleep, I had to undress her to get her to wake. It kinda freaked me out, she was so unresponsive. I will always have SIDSon my mind after it struck one of my very best friend's child. With Liam, I put him to sleep on his belly, never bothering with all the warnings, but not this time. So to see her sleep so deeply worried me. Ironic, eh?
But her pattern does seem to be mellowing a bit- she hangs out more, smiles more, sleeps more and screams less. That's not to say the yells are gone. She had two big fits yesterday - one while I was at a garage getting my windshield whiper fixed (it made an amazing screeching sound because of a bent lever that would have surely made us all go nuts by the end of our trip to Anchorage. )
The other fit was at 8 pm when I had just settled into a nice, warm bath. Matt came in after a while and said "I know you are trying to have a nice bath, but she's purple and sweating and there is nothing I can do." I stuck my head under the water and counted to ten .... twice.
I'm getting better at dealing with the screams, though. And friends are reassuring me that it will pass. One noted she thought at first she had given birth to "an enraged pterodactyl, but somehow she has metamorphosed into a very giggly person, with only occasional lapses into air raid siren." Words to repeat over and over.

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