Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marathon nursing

I remember thinking when Liam was little that this nursing business was out of control - I couldn't be gone for more than two hours without a problem. Now I would give my right eye for two hours. Thea and I have reached an understanding. I nurse her virtually constantly when she is awake, and she doesn't holler her head off during that time. Perhaps the stork misplaced her and she belongs as the child of one of those progressive societies where the kids get to ride around in a sling with constant access to the boob (by the way, those societies have a lot less reports of colic than we do.) Whatever the reason, I can tell you that it has tested both my patience and certain parts of the anatomy. But, it is heaps better than listening to her holler.
Today, during our cooing exercises, she hit a note that I KNOW Liam never even thought of trying - it's that note that opera singers can hit, but really shouldn't, during a tense scene. Glass-shattering comes to mind. Yet another difference in the unfolding world of raising a daughter.

I can honestly say I am ready to be done with life somewhat on the road, no matter how nice it is outside. Liam is bouncing off the walls and even seems bored at the beach. He craves his friends and his routine, and as a result, so do I. Matt doesn't seem to agree - his three-hour surfing sessions each morning are sitting pretty well, I guess. As for me, I don't have a clue what the next couple months are going to look like, but I'd rather face that uncertainty at home than far from friends and family.

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