Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today, after a very full morning (Liam to preschool, back up hill, paint floor in rental, tag all furniture as toss or keep, fix propane for cookstove, find telephone wire splicer things), a fuller afternoon (trash to dump in pouring rain - drenched and dirty) I took Thea to the doc.

She said what I already knew, which was that Thea was fine. The rash was gone this morning and she was much happier. Still snotty, but much much better.

They also told me, however, that Thea was now 19 pounds. We went to the doc three weeks ago and she was just over 18 pounds. I thought she looked a bit bigger.

Thea is doing something amazing this week. She's learning to cruise. It seems only a few days ago she learned to sit up solidly on her own. Now she is standing up while holding on to things and tonight, she held on to one thing and turned around and grabbed another thing and moved over to that. Amazing. OK, maybe you had to be there.

Liam continues to have such a tough time with things. He's really struggling and my manic schedule doesn't help. I don't know what to do about Jojo. That's just going to make things more difficult. Tonight, she jumped up in his bed with him and snuggled. It was so great - but it felt so final.

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