Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In memory of Jojo

Jojo was born 12, years ago in Anchorage, Alaska and lived her early years in Alaska before following her human companion, Carey, to Oregon in 1998 in the back of a Subaru with her mother, Zoe, and sister, Cuppa. She returned to Alaska, setting up residence in Homer with her mother's new friend, Matt, and his puppy, Hannah, who she quickly educated about the claw power of cats.

During the past nine years of her life, Jojo was a great comfort to her family, despite their decision to add to the family with another dog, Taz, and another cat, Tasha. Tasha and Jo enjoyed a love-hate relationship and while they often did battle with one-and-other, they were also seen grooming each other and ultimately passed only weeks after each other.

Arguably the biggest role Jo played in her life was as the first pet Liam bonded with - finally being granted permission to sleep in his bed several months ago. She enjoyed catnip, mice, birds and may well have brought a squirrel into the house on one occasion.

She will be missed with great intensity and honored always.

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Anika said...

How is Liam? Are you doing any ceremony?