Friday, July 18, 2008

falling to pieces

I found out today that Jojo, our other cat, will probably have to be put down next week. She's got a big tumor in her stomach and she's not really eating. And then, Breton, the dog I've had since I was 19, has started stumbling around and when she sneezes she nearly falls over. Maybe she had a stroke, I don't know.
The problem with this much death in one week, or two, is that when you have an infant around, you worry about all the what-ifs too much as it is. You don't need any help to wonder if your drinking water is cancerous or your stove poisoning you, or whatever. Not helpful.
So it feels right now like the whole world is conspiring to crumble around me. Stoves, wiring, rental cabin issues, now pets. I'm terrified to see what is next. One day at a time, right?

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Anika said...

Hang in there, Carey. Try to keep the glass half-full: you've shared an amazing time with Breton, and the dog you love is still there with you, etc... As for rental and appliance issues, they add up to a tremendous pain in your arse at the current moment, I am sure, but in a couple months those issues will be over and the stress forgotten.