Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm taking Thea in to the doctor tomorrow. She's had a cold for a couple weeks, then got a fever, low, maybe 102, tops, then got a rash, is so sad at night, waking often, screaming often, and the trots, too, which I'm sure is a big part of the screaming. So, it is, I think, either a sinus infection, which is no big deal, or an allergy thing, which is a very big deal. I'm doing a silent chant to sky for the former, but the way this week has been going.... .

Last night as Matt was getting ready to leave for another assignment - 20-plus days - I lost it just thinking of all the things I needed to do this week, including probably putting down my second cat and maybe watching the dog I've had since I was 19 lapse into sadness.... it was just too much. But then, I made some lists, split it all up by days, ate a lot of chocolate and charged.

Today was a winner of a day - 2 hours in the dentist chair and I think my friend Jackie is still talking to me after leaving my snotty, blotchy, screamy baby with her for so long. Then to Matt's work to find a paint can, hardware store to get paint and primer, to Radio Shack to get a thing to splice the phone line where it was cut by tenant shoveling snow, then to the propane place to get fitting for the propane stove that is leaking, then to grocery store for quick $100 fleecing, then to Liam's preschool, then home, and wait for Matt's coworker to drive his truck up the hill and drive him back. Finally home, Samantha calls and asks if Liam can come play for the afternoon - suuuurreee.

On the way home, Thea falls asleep again, and I drive right down to the cabin, prime the remaining patch of floor, cut in all the paint, clean up many messes, try to fix the propane tank (no success, it still leaks) moved rugs around, cleaned more messes, and then it was almost 5 (Thea took a 3-hour nap!) so home I went, cleaned up, got Thea snacking in her highchair, made meatloaf, Liam came home full of stories, ate dinner (Liam actually consumed a protein source), got Thea to sleep, got Liam to sleep, worked two hours on various projects and now i am going to sleep.
pictures soon. I promise.

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