Friday, April 4, 2008

wanted: sleep II

Ha, I typed in the title "wanted: sleep" and apparently I had already used that one in a previous post. Too funny.
It's been a couple weeks since Thea moved to her crib and she sure isn't getting the hang of it yet. She wakes every couple hours at the least, more at the most. I went for a well-baby check last week and told the practicioner everything I had tried: cutting out certain foods, gripe water, colic tablets, even gave some meds a whirl to see if it was acid reflux, raised the head of the bed, baths before bed, waking her during daytime naps after a couple hours.... nothing helps.
What she wants to do is nurse .... all night long. I think that's what she was doing when she was cosleeping. Today, we took a nap on the couch, and she nursed for two hours in her sleep. It is maddening. So why not just cosleep? Because my level of sleep was crummy. As odd as it sounds, four hours good sleep (not consecutive, mind you) is better than 8 hours broken, nutty sleep with periods of wakefulness interspersed. I was waking up with this huge kink in my neck that took hours to unwind itself. Not good.

But this morning, when I got up (woke up would be silly to say, really), I felt cruddy for the first time, really, since this craziness had started. I was priding myself on keeping it together through all this, but I think that is starting to crumble a bit. I'm working again now, so that has to be scrunched into every moment of sleep during the day. And the house is starting to show signs of neglect.
I think something I am eating is bothering her belly. She gets really worked up when she farts. Consequently, I am cutting out dairy in earnest - reading labels, etc. The nurse said she had a child with a dairy aversion and she had to cut it out of her system for three weeks before he got better. So here goes. At the least, I will lose a few more pounds in the process. But tonight I found myself staring at a block of cheese. It's so funny that you crave what you can't have. I don't even really dig cheese, but even just writing about it, my mouth is watering.
I promise I'll post some new pics soon - I'm just a bit behind in everything right now.

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