Monday, April 28, 2008

Red sky in morning

Today was not a good day, and it started out so well. Thea slept almost through the night - two wake-ups only - and was so chipper this morning. But then she woke from her morning nap after only about an hour. And then she fell back asleep around 11 for 15 minutes. And then the same in the afternoon, fitful sleeping/waking/sleeping. I think it was a combination of the cream sauce I ate yesterday and the teeth that are working their way through her itty bitty mouth. By 8 I'd hit my cry quota for the day (from several fronts) and went into town for a movie. I rented Juno.

Gahh. So here I am having had a shitty day as a parent and I'm willing this 16-year-old to take the baby and shack up with her tictac-eating boyfriend. And crying. What a hypocrite.
I guess parenting is rewarding, for better or worse. But it takes every arrow in my quiver, to be sure.

Tomorrow, I am on a mission. I am reclaiming my dishwasher, come hell or soapy water.

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