Sunday, April 6, 2008

shiny and white

After more sleepless nights than I care to count, and just when I was beginning to feel the impact of all of them stacked on top, I gazed into my darling dear's mouth today and saw something white, shiny and razor-sharp. The buckets of drool coming from her mouth were in fact there for a reason - her first tooth at age 3 months, 2 days.
I cannot believe I didn't figure it out sooner. Sure, I had seen these signs before. The clenched jaw, the copious amounts of saliva, the slight runny nose and crankiness. Liam had gotten his first tooth early at 4 months, so I knew all this. But somehow I didn't think there was any way Thea could be pulling off a tooth at this early a date, so I just watched it all unfold and told myself it was a coincidence. Just goes to show you that nothing you learned from your first child holds a drop of relevance. We are all just along for the ride.
I am so glad to have a reason to attach to all the fussing, something with a slightly shorter time frame than, say, allergy to milk or something like that. I spent the last four days trying to cut milk out of my diet and oh-my-god that was a trial. I'm still going to stay away from big chunks of it for now just on the off chance it contributes to her gas, but I don't think that was what was waking her up all the time. It had to be the tooth. She's been drooling like that for two weeks or so, and that's about when I put her in her crib and all the mess started (or should I say, round three or four of the mess.)
The other milestone Thea achieved this week was the rollover. She rolled back to front and then front to back, moving a good two feet in the process. The couch is truly out of the question as a holding spot for her now, but luckily, into my life came a Bumpo, this squishy little seat that holds them and allows them to sit and see the world. Happy happy girl. Much better than the car seat. Also got the high chair back that I had loaned out and she hung out in that this morning with glee. Up high. Sitting. Happy happy.
Good news like teething vs. allergy is needed this week. Trying to get any work done has proved challenging, and I'm going to have to get more tough about a schedule if I'm going to manage it. And yesterday Liam was under the weather, than threw up all over the one place in the house where the one-inch cracks between the floor boards aren't filled, so I was down on my hands and knees with a Q-tip and a coat hanger trying to get it out. What a glamorous job. Such is motherhood. Perhaps someone should make this blog required reading for high school students as a method of preventing teen pregnancy.
But, I got some great time in with friends this weekend, and went to the gym one day, too, despite the early call back from Matt with a screamer in the background. They haven't quite worked out all their wrinkles yet. But perhaps we can assume that, too, was the tooth.
Well, it is quiet in the next room, so I'm getting this up and going to bed. Yahoo!


Anika said...

try homeopathic teething remedy, in pill form, liquid or gel. worked wonders with zephyr-- about 45 seconds would take him from screaming night frenzy to sniffing bleary boy ready for sleep.

Anika said...

Hey Carey,
How goes life with the menagerie? I've just noticed the accent on 'Thea' on the blog's title page and now wonder, having not actually spoken to you in person, if I am mind-pronouncing your bundle of belly pain's name right: Thea, like Thea Drinnan, or does it sound like 'Tay-uh'?