Sunday, April 27, 2008


Is it possible that there is a correlation between Thea eating a bit of cereal each day this week and her sleeping much better? The books say no way, but you've got to wonder. I think we've dropped from four or five wakes per night to two or three. That's a big difference in my world.
She's a week shy of four months, and all the books say I'm setting her up for a life of allergies, but I guess I'm figuring that if she is actually consuming the food, it must not be that bad for her. Most of it dribbles out of her mouth still, but there is a marked difference between the amount going in at the beginning of this week and the end. Not to mention the presence of some decidedly big-girl poops (egads, was I not ready for that - bring on the Diaper Genie).
I've also started not feeding her when she wakes up after less than two hours - just tap on that golden aquarium song machine and hobble back to bed. They make aquariums now with remotes. I looked at them last week and decided they weren't worth it, but if I had it to buy again, I think I might.
Thea is teething like mad. She now digresses into screaming fits. Not crying fits. Screaming. Like an enraged monkey. Actually, I've never heard an enraged monkey, but I'm using some imagination here. High-pitched expressions of frustration. Very funny, in a scary sort of way.
She continues to be very outgoing. I started putting her in the big backpack this week, and she's so happy to be up high and at face level with everyone. Smiles, glee, chorteling.
Matt has been teaching fire class all weekend, and will the next as well. So still no dishwasher. And no breaks. I'm a little tired. Yesterday I worked a firewise booth at the safe kids fair and wow, did that take a lot of work. I'm tired just thinking about it. Drank a big glass of wine at the end of that day and was reduced to a puddle barely able to get Liam and Thea in bed. Gotta be careful with that. Half-glass maximum before kids are in bed, I think.

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