Saturday, November 28, 2009

transition day dread

I'm starting to dread transition day and here's why. Somewhere in the first couple hours of being home, both kids have to test the boundaries just to make sure they are there in numerous ways. Tonight that included jumping on the couch, grabbing numerous items of interest from respective sibling, chasing the cat with a spear, stuffing a huge chunk of garlic bread into ones mouth when I turned my back for a second after explicitly saying that more protein must precede any such carb consumption, chasing the cat with a spoon, and repeatedly trying to scale large sibling room special protection fencing. And there was the incident where someone tried to stealthily confiscate a burned-out light bulb. I can handle stupid, violent, and opinionated, but I've got an issue with sneaky.

So at one point shortly after dinner, both kids were in detention on opposite sides of the same wall, me leaning against the dividing wall staring at the height chart and wondering how many more nights like this I had before they turned 18. 16 years x 56 weeks = 896 bottles of wine. Nooo problem.

Stayed in town this weekend, with the thanksgiving holiday and all. It was nice to dine with friends, and so much easier than hosting one of these shindigs, but a little odd. Started a painting this weekend, ran a 5K race (no idea what my time was, but I know I pushed it), got some things accomplished, and watched a few chick flicks. Pretty well balanced, I would say.

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