Friday, November 13, 2009

interesting days

Winter has come to the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea. Today, my handy little car thermometer-thingy said it was 24 degrees outside, but with the wind chill, it had to be a good 10 degrees colder. And of course, today was the Raspberry Lane Lantern Walk.

I am trying to stay connected with this wonderful group of people, even as Théa is too young and Liam too old for the preschool program. Miss Red is a VIP in Liam's life, and touching base is wonderful, even as Liam graduates into new stages. Today, he gladly plopped down with a group of 50 children and parents and listened as Miss Red told the story of the lantern light, sang songs from memory, and hung out with his buddy Sam. It was beautiful, and impressive to watch Miss Red hold court so comfortably with her adoring masses.

But oooh it was cold. Within an hour, toes and fingers were starting to get uncomfortable and we abandoned the scene for warmer spots. But it was lovely. I can't wait for Théa to be old enough for such endeavors.

The world continues to spin up here on the hill, though sometimes it feels it may spin off its axis altogether. It's a busy time of year - lots of work, lots of things to do around the house, and lots of bleary-eyed early mornings. Liam started swimming lessons again this week, and I watched in wonder as the water-fearing kid turned into a head-dunking boy. Liam also managed to splat on the ice at school this week and knock one of his front top teeth loose. I'm thinking it may make for some fun, gappy-toothed Christmas photos.

Darkness is starting to set in, with a little over a month to go before the darkest day of the year - winter solstice. With it, the small town seems to get smaller, and I am learning some hard lessons about navigating these new roles - lessons about trust and friendship and truth. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my Christmas sans kids - possibly head out of town for a few days, possibly refinish the floors in the house. It's going to be one of those memorable years, for sure. But what doesn't kill you, right?

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