Thursday, November 5, 2009


Théa did her first "toot" in the toilet last night. There was much rejoicing. Somehow, she uses the word toot instead of poop. Very ladylike. She's been doing a lot of practicing - which involves a lot of undressing and wandering around without diapers on. And it is not particularly warm this time of year for that, but she doesn't seem to mind. Also, she's got no interest in using the "potty". She went straight for her brother's seat on the toilet and squiggled right up on it. This girl, I swear, she's a force. I love it.

Still no snow. This year is just nutty. I've seen a few flakes fall, but nothing notable. We had a cold snap for a few days and then a few days of absolute pouring rain and high wind.

I ran 10 miles today for the first time. Feel like I might need a wheelchair and a nap, but proud, too. Now, to try out the hills.

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