Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

Yesterday was Halloween, and jam-packed with activities for all ages. It started with a morning race for Elastigirl (me) and about 20 other crazy runners from the hills above Homer to Bishop's Beach. Then it was home, shower, and off to the library to make dozens of little apple monster-mouths. Then the Scary Stories hour and after that, trick-or-treating in Andrea's neighborhood. (Sidenote - Andrea had her fourth kid a week ago and still held a jam-packed party for 40 or so of her closest friends, and wandered the neighborhood trick-or-treating with Amakah strapped to her chest. Wow)

All-told, we are not going to try to accomplish much today. Couch time, serious couch time. And who put daylight savings time right after a night of over-indulgence on candy and chaos??? Whose idea was that??

This was also a wild week because it was the first week of the new two-household version of family. Liam spent most of the past week with his dad and Thea did her first overnight there on Friday night. It's hard, it's confusing, and everyone is half-a-bubble off plumb. Nothing easy about this stuff, but it bears noting.

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