Saturday, August 23, 2008

mobility part II

I had a hunch that Thea would start moving around on this trip, and knew it would be a challenge, but had no idea really what I was up against. In a matter of days, she has gone from a squiggling mass of unproductive motion to a moving machine - able to crawl with determination from one side of the room to the other in minutes.

Along with that mobility has come the daunting issue of Liam and Thea and stuff. Thea ate a magazine today, and there was a realization by Liam that now, she could really do some damage. She also got into his toy soldiers, and we had to for the first time institute a "on the table only" rule with his toys.

As for me, I have pulled more things out of her mouth in the past couple days than I think I ever did with Liam during this phase, and tonight, while I ate half a salad, she managed to shred two newspaper clippings and break a wooden toy that Suzy had stashed on the bottom shelf - complaining the whole time at top volume.

The other major thing that is happening is teeth - two on top are coming in (not the front ones, but the next ones back, oddly - and she is sooo miserable. Tonight at bed she cried for upwards of an hour and finally passed out but not before I hit my wall in the patience department.

The upside is, however, that Liam has had a very good couple days playing with his grandpa and harassing the chickens for eggs. Today they had a garage sale and Liam sold some baskets. Very proud. Good stuff. Now - to bed.

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