Friday, August 1, 2008

good with the bad

Today was a good day - the capper to a rough week. It was not a good morning - Liam claimed that the background theme music to the npr news program was making him worried that daddy wasn't going to come home. Comments like that have been coming fast and furious lately, and I'm trying so hard to be understanding, but it is challenging to know what to say - to walk the fine line between compassionate and indulgent.

Luckily, we got a call from Daddy this morning, which put the smile back on Liam's face. Matt was a little worked up about Jojo's passing - to me it was such a relief to no longer have her suffering, and not have to keep wondering when was the right time... it is done, it is sad, it is over, I'm glad she shared her life, and her death, with me.

Liam went to Kachemak Kids for the morning and I got Thea back to sleep by 9 a.m. Then it was deep into FireWise data entry for a couple hours, and then off to the toy store on a mission. I've been doing some reading about play therapy, and it apparently is very successful when kids are dealing with anxiety - the kind of anxiety that sends you climbing the curtains when you see a mosquito or coming to sleep in Mommy's bed for the first time in 3 years. So I got some special toys, and am planning to give it a go tomorrow or Sunday during Thea's morning nap.

Then it was grocery shopping, bank, post office, etc, where Liam got a POSTCARD from Daddy - very exciting. He loved it. Showed it off all over town.

Home to collapse and Thea took the world's shortest nap before getting up and grumbling about the world for a good hour before I realized - duh, she's hungry. She ate a whole banana and about half a cup of stars.

A friend came by and we went for a walk until about 5:30, at what point, I found myself yet again staring into the fridge. Then I had a brainstorm - campfire. It's been beauuutiful here lately, maybe 65, and today wasn't too windy. There are only a couple days like this every year in Alaska. So out we went, where I tried for a good half hour to get a fire going, but finally got enough coals - put the bbq grill on the fire ring, and actually grilled a couple burgers plein air.

It was pleasant out there - Liam had a great time, bouncing around, slaying fireweed, playing soccer, terrorizing the dogs. Then I dragged Thea's high chair outside and she happily stuffed chicken leftovers all over her face, forehead, hair, etc. The dogs were positively gleeful at the waterfall of food coming off her chair.

Liam went to sleep tonight without a single grouchy, sad, frustrated or anxious word. That's success in my book.

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