Friday, August 29, 2008

almost off

Tonight we said goodbye to my grandparents who will be catching a very early bus to Vancouver and then a plane back to the east coast. It has been a crazy visit - 11 of us crammed around the table - three generations ranging from 8 months to nearly 90 years old in one room.

I had a moment of reflection as I put Thea to bed and laid my head on hers while she fell asleep - here I am helping this little person get her start in the world and hopefully, someday if I am lucky, I could be looking at her children and even her grandchildren and wondering at how it all happened. It is an extraordinary thing, family.

Tomorrow is our last day in Victoria, and hopefully I won't stress out as much as I did when I left Anchorage. I spend two nights in Vancouver visiting Anika, then off to Anchorage and drive back to Homer. Matt flew home tonight, so he will have been home several days before I get there. And then I'm starting my new job at the library the next day - yeehaw. Going to be a big week.

Big for Thea, too. She's signed up for three mornings a week of daycare. That will be a big switch for her - no doubt. We'll see how it goes. If she can stop teething so hard, that would help. Her poor little face is so often clenched right now - sad, sad. But she pushes through and is more often cheerful than not. So maybe it will work out without issue. Time will tell! It's a brave new day.

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