Thursday, August 7, 2008

Milk mahem

I didn't get to write about the events of earlier in the day yesterday after last night's drama took center stage. But the doctor said Thea probably did have a milk allergy - or some sort of allergy or allergies - soy and rice are also biggies, he said. Then again, there's dust, pets, and other allergens.

But as far as it being the kind of allergy that can make your throat close, etc., he said that wasn't likely. Her growth is still literally off the charts, and she is otherwise developing well, so he wasn't too worried about it. I asked him about whether I should stop eating things with milk in them while I am nursing, and he said no, it doesn't really pass through. That's when the red flag went up for me because I know it does. I asked him to research that a little because I had talked to his own nurse-practitioner when Thea was little about her experience eliminating milk from her diet with her twins. It took her three weeks before it was out of her breast milk, she had told me.

So while I think the doc is on the right track, it makes me wonder about all the hell Thea and I went through earlier on and if that could have been avoided by a strict diet on my part. And for now, I'm cutting it all out for a month and then will experiment a bit to see if I can push it a bit without the faucet nose factor starting up again in her.

It's been a crazy sort of day. I've walked through it in a haze, part because of Thea's brush with death and part because of a lousy night's sleep thanks to a kitten in search of male companionship at 2 a.m. But I made it through. And tomorrow's another day, right?

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