Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week one done

Our first week getting out of the house each morning with two kids, three lunches, jackets, hats, computers, breast milk, snacks, mail, and the rest of the kitchen sink have concluded, and wow, am I tired. Matt leaves the house at 7:45, so Liam is just barely up and Thea's often still asleep, so there's not much help there. What a circus. But by today, we were starting to get some pattern to it all. And I'm hopeful it will only get easier.

Thea has done very well at daycare. She seems happy or asleep every time when I come to get her, and we all know she's not one to mince words if she isn't getting what she needs, so I can only assume that the stimulation of all those kids is enough to keep her going sans boobs. Quite a liberating feeling to go through my morning with no kids and no guilt, I gotta tell you. And such a contrast to the first time around, when being away from Liam was agony.

The other big thing that is happening is I am shrinking. This dairy-free diet has me at a size I can only remember from years gone by. Actually, my weight is that low, but my dimensions ... not so much. It is certainly not exercise that is doing this. And now I've gone from enjoying being able to fit into my clothes to not really fitting any of them because they are all for someone 15 pounds heavier. And last of all, I can't help this nagging feeling of what if - what if it isn't the dairy free thing that is doing this.

At the same time, I am zooming around removing carloads of crap from the house daily. My purge continues to swirl through the house, and I'm starting to feel like I'm making progress, though there are plenty of corners yet untouched. But, trying to take it one day at a time - or rather, one nap at a time.

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