Saturday, September 20, 2008

riding the waves

The elation I felt earlier in the week at getting a diagnosis has amped down just a bit these last few days as the reality of the "rotation diet" starts to hit home. Tomorrow, I go to the store to get colored stickers for all the food and liquid Thea eats. Then I will color up the calendar so anyone watching her can see it is a "pink day" which means rice milk, rice cakes-type snacks, rice and chicken as dinner, etc. Yellow will be corn and beans and almond milk. Red will be potatoes, oats (oat milk) and red meat (buffalo, bison, elk, moose) and blue will be wheat, oat milk again and turkey or pork. Daunting as it may seem, I think I will figure this out and it will get easier. But right now it is exhausting.

And worst of all is the realization that all this effort will never keep her from exposures. She's had a running nose all week (not drippy, like a cold, but more like flooding ) and today she broke out in a rash. I was trying to figure it out until I remembered that I caught her chewing on one of my sister's dog's chew toys under the table yesterday - a cow hoof. Gaaaahhhhh.

Today was a big home-work day. We worked on the rental, trying to keep water out and warm air in. We also mapped out on the floor how much space our stove and hearth will take. Then we tried rearranging the furniture to fit that space. I was inspired after we moved the dining table. So I started moving living room furniture around, too, since once we build the cabinet wall it will change the position of the tv and the couch - I thought we should try it out. I actually really like it. It somehow makes the whole house more cohesive - your back isn't to the rest of the house when you are on the couch.

Liam was most impressed when he came home and found the furniture moved around. He instantly suggested we move this one chair "just a bit this way." Control freak, already? I know - apples and trees, right? Anyway, Matt had no comments, other than to say I must be on meth because I keep cleaning, which I take to mean either that he doesn't like the furniture position but is going along with it, or that he just doesn't care.

The other thing that happened today was that Liam went on a hunger strike. I'm trying really hard to be tougher and not cater to his picky eating habits. Right now, he will eat only three things for lunch - PB&J, mac and cheese, and tuna sandwiches. I told him he could have soup for lunch - even gave him two options for what kind. He opted for door No. 3... don't eat anything, the consequence of which is that he doesn't get any other food until dinner. Which of course makes him nutty and grouchy. Which lands him in his room. It was a long day, but he sure did eat a bunch of dinner.

My camera is acting up, but I'll try to get some new shots on soon. I promise.

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Anika said...

My experience with men watching women clean is that however much they seem to be laughing at us and suggesting we are demented, they are secretly pleased. At least in this house, regardless of the level of grot that would need to be reached to inspire the male members of the household to start scrubbing, it is not that the grub vs. gleam scale goes unnoted. But maybe that's just us.