Monday, September 8, 2008

Thea's first day

Today was Thea's first day of daycare. She entered the room and was instantly enveloped in appreciating 2-year-old girls, who kissed her (a couple knew her, to make things even better) and hugged her and let her pull their hair. After I left, she apparently went down for her morning nap with little fuss, then slept for hours. I went to pick her up at 12:30 and she was still down, so I went and got Liam, who had his first day back at Raspberry Lane (thank yee gods) and ran a couple errands. It was funny how liberating it felt to go to the grocery store with just my big kid and know that Thea was well cared for and comfortable. A new day, to be sure.

Thea's other big accomplishment for the day was cruising. She crawled over to the coffee table, pulled herself up to standing, and began inching around the table - then transitioned to the couch and moved around it. Yikes.

I had another cleaning frenzy today. I can't seem to stop shining things and picking up crap, and yet there is so much left to do - I noticed today how much fuzz my plants have on them. It's like my bar has been raised and I cannot settle for less. I'll post a picture of the inspiration room in Victoria.

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