Monday, August 22, 2011

This concludes your summer vacation

Wow. How did that happen. It is 10:45 and pitch black outside. Tomorrow, I will rise before the sun does and try to pry my son from his bed to go to school. Grade 2. Hoorah. It's been an awesome summer - lots of outside time and sunshine and experiences, some with me, some with friends, especially Liam's BF, Oskar, who sadly leaves in a day or two to live on Kodiak. Closer than Oregon, but still... harumph. But wow, Liam has swam, biked, played soccer, acted on stage, played piano, climbed mountains, had fireweed wars, camped, roasted countless marshmallows, sang loudly, played with friends until he collapsed, gone to fairs, played with the Wwoofers, attempted to swim in the reservoir, and so many other awesome experiences. I have no kid guilt where Liam is concerned. He got good stuff this summer. Théa, too. Good, good stuff.

We got word today that Liam will be with Debbie Piper this year at McNeil Canyon. That means he will be in a 2&3 class instead of a 1&2 class. I'm relieved on many fronts, and excited for him. He's going to have a great year, I predict.

As summer draws to a close, there is so much to do. The high tunnel needs to be ordered. The siding needs to go on. Tomorrow we butcher the last of the chickens. There are fish coming in every day from Mike's net. The garden is exploding with produce - cabbage, zucchini & squash, broccoli (omg the broccoli), beans, and my pumpkin is turning orange. All needs to be canned, processed, etc. So much to do. So little time. Zoiks. So it doesn't yet feel like the summer is over, in many ways, but there is an undeniable shift from growth to preservation.

Now, I'd better get to sleep, or tomorrow morning's zoom to school will be infinitely more painful. Why exactly did I give up coffee last week?

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