Thursday, August 18, 2011

New friends

What can I say, really, about these wonderful Wwoofers that come through our house? This week, we bid goodbye to Isa, who seems like she's been here forever. Isa has been a wonderful force in our family - playing amazing pieces of music on Liam's piano, painting pictures with the kids (and on the kids, sometimes), making compost piles and something with cabbage that I'm afraid I'm afraid of, but others rave about, and generally enhancing our summer greatly. I came home one day to find Isa, Olive, Théa and Liam in the middle of a "dance party." Not only did I feel completely comfortable leaving my kids with them, I often felt they might well be better off. Harried single mom or two energy-packed women willing to dance with you to loud music? I think the choice is obvious. These two really just made my summer work - I've been working three jobs at times and it has been tricky to balance it all without plopping my children in front of endless movies. Isa also had the honor of helping me with the last major chicken slaughter - a job she did with grace.
The best part about these two women, and many of the others who have come through the house over the past two years, is that they give me hope for future generations and in so, my own children. They are not glued to the computer or their cell phone or consumerism or any of what I consider to be the fast foods of life. They are interested in art and writing and music and good food and growing organically and wonderful things. I'm hopefully that their energy and enthusiasm will add another layer to Théa and Liam's experience of growing up in this extraordinary place with these extraordinary opportunities.
It's hard to say good bye to great friends. Isa and I were both pun-masters - what a joy to have such company to laugh with! I never could have imagined that this would be the way my life and my kids' life would turn out. Théa absolutely adored Isa - in fact, part of me imagines (hopes?) Théa might be quite a bit like Isa when she grows up. Funny, cheerful, bright and opinionated, a little mischievous.
So our flock has been reduced this week, but we are so glad to have Olive staying around for the next few months. I've talked to a lot of people who have said how they don't think they could handle having another person or two in the house all the time. For me, it enhances my life. It just works. For all of us. Yay Wwoofers!

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