Wednesday, June 23, 2010

when life hands you lemons

It is inevitable that challenges will present themselves when you try to take on big projects with little revenue and even less experience or time. Yesterday, as I sat at my desk stressing about it all, I sent out the wish into the universe that this was the worst of it - that jacking my house up to replace a rotten beam was as far down as I have to go. I hope that's the case. If so, we're on good ground.

Today, John Stryker, builder extraordinaire, jacked up my house, chainsawed out the offending beam, put in a new one, and we even got the jacks back to Ulmer's on time. Huge relief. It was a blasting sunny day - very helpful. Liam was home with me, as was his friend Casey. My friend Doug came through and gathered up the boys and took them bike riding, and then swimming in the reservoire. Liam had so many stories from the day, he couldn't stop talking all the way down the hill this evening to pick up Thea, and even all the way back up. I wish I could have gone, but was relieved to be here for the process, and as well, to get a few things done - dump run, pick up essential items from Spenards, etc. Very productive day.

My friend Randy came over yesterday as well to add his two cents, scratch heads with John, and generally offer moral support. Once again, I am reminded why I love Homer. Community.

Thea and Liam came back today after 5 days at their dad's - Thea was a bit huggy, but otherwise cheery. Liam was good, too. It feels like they are both settling into the summer routine - if there is actually a routine to it. I could be wrong, but the transition from one house to the other seems to be a lot less dramatic these days. Is it because my focus is less diverted, my energy less jangled? That's not saying much, but maybe.

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