Monday, June 21, 2010


The sun is just going down on the longest day of the year, and what a beautiful, sunny day it is, as well. Outside, there are birds singing so loudly that I can hear them clearly though no windows are open.

This weekend, I ran a 1/2 marathon - my first race longer than a 10k. I didn't run very fast,(2:07) and suffered dearly afterward for my lack of knowledge about pre-race eating (and consumption of stout the night before), but I am still proud to have completed the race, and see it as a significant accomplishment, given that 9 months ago, I could barely complete a mile. So now it's on to setting new goals, training for the next race, and enjoying the level of fitness I have attained thus far.

It was lovely to spend time in Anchorage with my longtime friend Jerzy, who I originally came to Alaska with 18 years ago, and who has, along with his wife Paula, turned into family in my eyes. Whenever I visit their pristine space in Anchorage, I always come back feeling refreshed and reinvigorated with new energy to tackle my life.

Which is a good thing, since there is plenty of life to tackle. In the past week, the renovation project has grown by leaps and bounds, first by the realization that we needed to put in concrete pilings to support the rebuilt laundry and mudroom areas (there was no foundation in the original building) and then the recent discovery that the corner beam that holds up the entire house was rotting to oblivion. So now it's a matter of jacking up the house and fitting a new beam underneath - good god. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Still, despite these trials, it was wonderful to come home, amid the glow of sunlight, to the gardens, the flowers, the chickens, and even the construction project, knowing that all are indicators of forward progress, a greater sense of self-sufficiency, and a means of providing for my family. Bring it on.

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You amaze me.