Monday, April 26, 2010


Today, Liam and I picked out 28 baby chicks, loaded them in a box, and brought them home. As a child, chickens were a big part of the farm. It was the one meat source we consistently raised, though we often raised goats for meat and even some cows for a couple years. But chickens, always. Lots of them. So rather than just get the laying hens I had planned on, I got 22 meat birds, too. And six laying hens - beautiful little things with incredible stripes and spots, I just picked up two of each, and figure I'll sort out what is who at some point further down the line.

Of course, this now means I have to build a chicken coop. I've decided - with the help of my all-chicken-knowing friend Judy, who is currently HATCHING her own birds, that one coop is fine for the lot of them. There are theories about disease and stuff, but... materials arrive on Thursday. And off we go.

The kids were pretty funny with the birds - Thea was totally into watching them, but didn't want to hold one. Liam barely wanted to hold one - said the feet freaked him out. But I think they will get used to it soon enough. And Liam's already talking about how he wants to be the one to collect the eggs, etc. and I think he actually would love that. Actually, the family member who is most excited is Hannah, who is beside herself with bafflement as to what these little peeping this are, exactly.

There's something wonderfully stabilizing about having animals to care for - I've always felt that way. And this just takes it to the next level. Between this and my ambitious gardening plans with the new greenhouse, as well as the AHFC energy rebate program renovation, which is ballooning in scope every day, I am trying very hard not to freak out. But I guess it is just one step at a time, and I will manage it, and the world will continue to revolve. I may be very, very broke for a while, but... in the end, I will have a garden that feeds us, chickens that lay eggs and an organic, delicious roast chicken every other week for most of the year, not to mention a house that is not only significantly warmer, but also consumes a lot less energy each year. It's good. It's all good.

Oh, and I bought a chainsaw today. Yikes.

And installed my first new light fixture. And it didn't blow up - except... um... it doesn't turn off. Need to get something to deal with that. Too funny! One step forward, two back.

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