Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liam gets dramatic

I've known from birth that Liam had a flair for the dramatic, but this week, my suspicions were put to the test. His school had a local drama club starting up - K-6 students were putting on a play, and he would have to stay after school two days a week to participate. I wasn't sure if he would like it, really. But when the activities bus rolled into town at 5 p.m. I got to hear all about it. And there was a lot to hear.
"I have lines I have to study, Mom," Liam said. "But my part isn't very big."
Upon returning home, Liam pulled out his script from his backpack, went to the couch and read it - really read it (I didn't realize he was that far along in reading ... this seems to have happened overnight). Then he walked around singing the songs and telling me about how this one was a really sad song, and this one he was singing in a light-hearted way... good god.
And so it begins. *grin*

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