Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There are moments

Matt has been gone for two weeks now. The grind of holding up a household, two jobs and two kids is hard, and some days it is just too much. Tonight, as I flopped onto the couch for what should have been the first moment of relaxation in my day, I was struck by the fact that tomorrow, I get to do it all over again. It literally took my breath away for a moment.

The kids are having an awesome summer, however. Thea is starting to add more words to her repertoire, expanding beyond doh (dog) cah (cat) and NONONONONO (no) to include new things every day. Last night, I was looking for something in the fridge and I said "There it is," and she repeated it back to me, exactly. She is also really into those picture books where you point to things and get the word. Stocking up her pretty little head with all that need-to-know information.

On Saturday, we went to a summer solstice party at a friend's house and Thea got bit by a dog in the hand. I don't know exactly what happened because there was a table between her and I when it happened, but it broke the skin. Auntie Santa fixed her up pretty well, getting in there with antiseptic soap and a bandaid right away. What amazed me the most about it - and I've seen this before - is how brave Thea was after that. It's like it doesn't faze her. She wasn't shy around dogs that night at all - she didn't get upset when Samantha was messing with her hand - it was like she was upset for a minute, and then she was completely over it. Awesome. The dog's person, however, was still apologizing hours later.

Liam's long lost buddy, Oskar, came back for a month on Sunday. He lives in Oregon now, but he and his mom are staying up here for July so she can finish a project. He's going to Kachemak Kids with Liam and we are pretty excited about it all. Liam said he was really happy to have Oskar to play with, as there is a girl there who has been insisting he play with her. Ah, the dynamics of the 5-year-old's social scene.

I'd better get to bed - tomorrow is fast approaching and I've got to be ready. Or as ready as I can be.

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