Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This weekend was amazing - it has been hot and dry all week, and this weekend, the weather held and the kids and I spent every possible minute outside. On Saturday, Liam biked on the Spit for a total of 3 miles (yesterday, he complained of "growing pains" in his legs, which I figure were probably sore muscles). Then, when we got home, he figured out how to ride his bike down the dirt road to our house, and the newfound freedom kept him busy for most of the rest of the day.

There were also some crazy days. Friday, we went to Liam's school for May Day - think singing kids and a may pole and ribbons and bubbles. But Thea was impossible. She pingponged from one out-of-bounds activity to the next, while her peers sat nicely and watched the procession from their parents' arms. It was frustrating to say the least. It's like she finds the only things she can't get into and gravitates right for them.

And crabbly? Oh my god! It seemed like the child yells at me from the moment I get up till the moment I go to bed. We do timeouts. I make sure she's fed, rested, etc. But somewhere that is not quite filling the Thea needs reservoir to its full capacity. Sigh.

And of course I worry. She's been sleeping so much. Two to three hours in the morning. Another couple hours in the afternoon. And back to bed at 7 p.m. The only time she doesn't sleep is first thing in the morning. She wakes up every day between 5:30 and 6 a.m. without fail. Yuck.

We have been trying lots of new foods - all on the approved list - and of course right off the bat her face breaks out in a beautiful, red rash. Doctors. Harumph.

Liam has been having a tough time lately with Matt working so much. He went straight from full time daddy time to none at all with Matt gone when he wakes up and not home till he's asleep. Saturday night, Liam was cleaning his room and he showed me how he had set up the pictures of Daddy on his dresser because he missed him so much. Then his lip started to quiver and I gathered him in my arms and we sat on the couch for a long time while he cried and talked about how much he missed daddy and how pictures just weren't the same. Whew.

I've said it before. This parenting stuff is not for the weak of heart.

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