Sunday, May 31, 2009

In at McNeil!

Last week, I came home to find a great message on our machine. It was from the secretary at McNeil Canyon School. She said our out-of-area application had been accepted, and Liam would be able to attend in the fall. That is such great news because the class was looking really big and we didn't know if he was going to get in. But he will be there, and I'm thrilled.
Most of Liam's Raspberry Lane buddies will be at McNeil Canyon, and it's a school I've loved for several years - lot's of community involvement, a great kindergarten teacher, and a wonderful administrator. The only catch - it's 14 miles out of town, in the opposite direction to where we live. So that's about a 30-minute commute from town, on a good day. There is a bus that goes, but for the first year, we'll see how much we use it as it requires some really early hours. But I figure that even if Liam winds up having a terrible attendance record, he will be happier there than with a perfect attendance record someplace else.
It's funny to feel this way - I never thought I would be one of those picky parents. And I probably wouldn't be if Liam was more of a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. But that's not the case, and I'm very conscious of finding places capable of working with him rather than against him. And maybe I'm totally off-base, but that's my job, right?
We've had some great days here - Matt was off all weekend, and despite a huge to-do list and a rotating stomach bug, we got enough done to feel good about it all. My greenhouse is all fixed up, and the flowers are in the flower beds. I even put up netting to keep the dogs out of the garden this year.
Matt ordered a new door and windows for the rental cabin, that will hopefully fix the crazy leak in the wall/door area. We got a load of rocks for the new garden I want to put in in the front lawn area. And I cleaned the car - really cleaned it - after our little camping adventure.

I'm reading a book about sibling rivalry right now. So far I've learned that I'm doing everything wrong. It's daunting to try to rework your whole way of thinking about things.
Excuse me - Thea is trying to swallow one of those outlet plugs. My time is obviously up.

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Congratuations to Liam on being accepted.

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