Monday, October 20, 2008

First step

Thea took her first step yesterday, although I must say it was coerced. She was standing in the middle of the livingroom holding on to my pant leg, her latest favorite thing (so cliche!)I stepped back and she stayed put, standing on her own. Then, she lifted a leg and took a wobbly step, then another, in an effort to get back to the mothership. I cheered - Matt and Liam were both watching and they cheered, too. She looked both shocked and proud - I swear you could almost see the synapses firing inside her head. Good stuff.

Yesterday was a busy one - I cleaned up my desk after months of neglect, creating what I hope is a filing system that actually works, and discarding two garbage bags of junk. I also started work on a freelance project, cut and installed the trim for the hearth, and bought a set of hockey gear. Now, if I can just learn offsides. All this was done with a very mild hangover, thanks to three cosmopolitans at my friend's house the night before. She had just moved into a new space and was celebrating before moving in her home-filling quilting machine. It was a fun night - cocktail dresses or hot pants were the required dress code. Don't get that much here.

Matt and Liam finished his tree-top clubhouse yesterday, much to his glee (Liam's, though Matt was feeling pretty proud of himself, too). It is in the side of the yard in a cluster of trees that we recently limbed up to make for a better fire-safety situation around out property.

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