Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ultimate indignity

Today, Thea suffered the ultimate indignity - she was peed on by a cat.
As I put her down on her changing pad, I thought - wow, gotta change that diaper garbage - it really stinks. But as I picked sweet Thea up, it wasn't the garbage, but my dear's head that smelled bad. The cat had peed on her changing pad.
The story with our cat, Tasha, is a long one, which I won't go into here. The cliff notes version is that she was my sister's cat, only she kept bopping my sister's youngest kid, so off she went to our house. When Liam was born, she bopped him once, and we tried to find another home for her, but no luck. She's a pain, but she's our pain - at least that's been my stance (not Matt's - he'd like to see her used for fish bait, a direct quote.)
Soooo, on Tuesday, I reached over to pet her and realized she was literally just bones. Nothing there. Wasting away. And I hadn't even noticed. She's a long-haired cat and she keeps to herself most of the time for self preservation's sake. And I've been so busy... guilt, guilt, guilt.
So I bundle up said pile of skin and bones and go to the vet, where they took some blood and couldn't find anything wrong, other than the fact that she weighed all of 4.5 pounds. Back at home, Tasha enjoyed the special treatment and the special food even more. But somewhere between yesterday and today, she decided to express herself on Thea's changing pad.
Wait - it gets worse.
So I lean down to pull out the garbage bag and a waft of stench comes from down there, too. I find a fresh cat turd behind the can. So I clean it all up, muttering, then clean up my kid so she no longer smells like cat pee, and walk outside with the garbage bag, where I run into Hannah the yellow lab.
Hannah has found something really stinky somewhere in her wanders and rolled in it. I'm not talking a little around the neck - I'm talking full-body roll. From head to toe- brown goo.
It was at this point that I think I may have hollered something, because a wide-eyed Liam popped his head out the door to find out what was going on.
But, for all the fuss, Thea fared well through the whole thing and is working on one of her sleepiest days in recent memory. May it continue and continue and continue.

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Anika said...

cat pee is definitely an indignity; we've got one worthy of taking it on head to stinky head for the title of 'ultimate indignity' though... when zephyr was first learning how to pee without a diaper on, it was with me, and he always sat on the potty. Josh started taking him to the big toilet with him to show him how the boys do it standing up... zephyr, obviously much impressed and ever the studious observer, leaned in a little too far and (no, he did not fall in the toilet) interrupted his teacher's golden stream with his little golden head before baba had time to do anything to avert the indignity.

Love to all!