Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Above is Thea's first passport photo, one she will have until she is the ripe old age of 5. Funny, eh?

Thea has been teacher herself mobility with the determination of a pitbull. In the past 48 hours, she has gone from an impressive push-up to pulling her legs up under her and rocking back and forth. At this rate, it's a matter of days, not weeks. Let's hope she gets distracted.

This rapid move toward moving is all the more sad because of the fact that Matt left today for California taking a crew to the fires burning all over the state. I'm not sure where he's going yet, but it's going to be in Northern California. We had about 12 hours to prepare for this exodus, so it was a bit of a shock. I'm pretty sure by the time he gets back, she'll be moving independently one way or another.

The timing isn't great, either, not that it ever is. Over the next two weeks, I have to replace the carpet and clean up the rental cabin on our property and get it ready for re-rental. I also have to install a new kitchen stove. Ours has been broken for several weeks, and the new one arrives on Friday.

I'm up for lots of things, but I know I can't move a stove by myself, so I'm doing the only thing I can do ... I'm throwing a stove-moving party. It's actually a great excuse to have people over without doing a lot of cooking. I'll have to get really creative!

Liam is having a hard time with Matt's leaving this time. He's been thrashy and crashy all day, but a few extra stories and a nice bath and he settled down into his normal self this evening. But it is tough to talk to him about this stuff because he's so young, he hardly knows what it is that is bothering him.

The other thing I have to do while Matt is gone is try to get Thea sleeping through the night. It is just a whole lot easier when he is gone to deal with her crying for long periods. But to do it, I've got to train myself to go to bed earlier - which means I have to publish this post and get going.

It's funny how the hardest of challenges brings out my most efficient self. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

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Since I have no experience at blogging it took me a while to figure out how to leave a comment. I knew that if I continued to point and click at all of the various options I would get there! I can only imagine how tough it is to find the time to write in this journal about the escapades of an almost 6 month old (I can't believe how quickly the time is passing) and an almost 5 year old (I won't use the term "Big Brother" for Liam's sake), but I just want to say thank you for doing it. Your wonderful descriptive writing lets me be a part of their lives in a way that I can almost see Thea performing all of her new tricks and Liam speeding through the termoil of baby toys to the delight of her sister. Thea's excitement was certainly evident in the experimental video as she stopped chewing on her toy to see what her brother was laughing at and then to join in too. It certainly doesn't take the place of up close and personal, but it is a connection that I cherish. So thank you Carey for making the time in your very busy day to stop and give all of us who love these kids so much, a chance to share in a new trick, a laughing moment while reading a funny story or just life with the James family in Alaska. Love, Grandma Jan XXOO