Sunday, May 18, 2008

too busy to think

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I wrote in this blog. Two weeks is like an eternity in baby time. Things happen so fast - and these two weeks were no exception. But when I try to remember what has happened, I can't. It's all one big blur.

Sleep: We tried to let Thea cry it out, and had some success, but as soon as I started caving in and feeding her (and we had some nights where Ghangis Kahn (sp?) would have caved ) she started wiggling back into the every hour routine. So it's been a push and pull thing. I'll feed her between 11:30-12:30 and then not again until 5. But some times that means listening to her howl for an hour or more. Not fun. On the other hand, neither is getting up to nurse her every freekin' hour. So it goes.
I have noticed, however, that all this lack of sleep has aged me in ways I have never seen before. My eyes are fried. Big, old-looking creases under them. Scary stuff. Seriously. And in every picture, they always seem half-way closed. Camera timing or my new normal? Who knows.

Exercise: I did purchase a yoga video the other day and did a couple routines and found out that they were very calming and deceptively difficult. The next day, muscles screamed in odd places on my body. The other form of exercise I have been doing is called the 4-year-old-on-training-wheels-sprint. Liam has become one with his bike this year, and goes pretty fast at times. This weekend, he biked 3 miles, so I ran most of that. The first few times we went out, I didn't expect to be running so much and wore clogs. Huge mistake. The kid flat-out boogies. We also hiked down to the beach on Diamond Creek this weekend with some friends. I found that carrying Thea in a backpack plus all the essentials of two kids in Alaska (extra clothes, diapers, jackets just in case, food, water...) is a substantial feat. At the top, our friend told us that we had covered 1.5 miles, according to his gps. He refused to tell us what our rate of speed was. I probably should have thanked him for that.

Squiggles: Miss Thea is a ball of energy these days. She rolls over almost the second she is set down on the floor, and then most of the time gets annoyed that she can't crawl. She wiggles and squiggles a lot, drools, teeths, tries to grab passing cats, and generally is ready to move forward if she could just get her body to do what her mind is already doing. And oooh the frustration. It's going to be a long 18 years.

Teeth: two for sure, more coming. Cut marks on both her little fists from teething. Likes to chew on metal, fingers and blankets.

Food: Very enthusiastic about food. Also very messy. Insists on grabbing the spoon as it comes by, usually with messy implications. You can fake her out, but then she laughs and her food consumption efficiency takes a dive. Pears, apples, carrots, bananas, and oatmeal all well received.

Mother's Day: As a friend pointed out, not really for mothers when they need it most at the height of mothering. Really geared toward mothers of adult children now feeling guilty for all they put their mothers through. I will wait to collect my dues.

Dad: Still working on those two. Can't figure it out, but every time I leave the house solo, Miss Thea figures it out and throws a full-fledged fit. Gulping, gasping, sadness. She does, of course, survive, but.... And since Matt is around less and less right now as fire season ramps up, it isn't helping my cause any. She did it again tonight, and I was only gone for a half-hour. I'm pretty close to giving up on those two bonding before she is weaned.

Spring: Oh joy. The snow is shrinking faster than cotton candy in a downpour. Crocuses finally blooming. Happiness. Could do without the winter's worth of shredded newspapers and dog poop in our yard, but that's best left a couple days to cure, experience has told me. And anyway, I am soooo busy. Don't get me started.

Let's see if I can actually get a picture up here before the end of may, shall we?

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