Thursday, March 26, 2009

volcanoes and other explosions

This week has been insane. First, on Monday morning, Redoubt Volcano finally blew her stack, after months of rumbling. But luckily, the ash was headed north, away from us. Then, the power went out - for nearly three hours, for the entire Kenai Peninsula. So of course everyone said it was the volcano interfering with the power plant. But the electric company swears it was not. So life continued as usual, after the power came back on. But not really. This was the week I had overscheduled myself into new heights. I've got four or five wordworks jobs, two library events and a scrabble tournament this week and I offered to do some freelance work for the Tribune. So we mumbled through Monday - council meetings and late-night writing sessions. Then Tuesday - more craziness with meetings and writing. Thea wasn't feeling very well, and had some exlosiveness (which apparently isn't a word) and the like.
And Tuesday night, Thea went to bed and woke up an hour or so later having thrown up in her bed. She was so sad, and it was really all over - especially in that mesh of hair she has. Mess, mess, mess. Got everything cleaned up, her back in bed and a couple hours later, the wails started again, and we did the whole thing over again.
Yesterday, she went to day care, and was fine there, but when we got back, she threw up two more times, and I started getting sick, too. Mine passed quickly, but not before I pulled the plug on one of the many events I was supposed to participate in.

And then there is this morning. Thea was still sick, so Matt and I opted to split the day so we could both work a bit. But around 8:30, the volcano blew again. And then it blew again, really blew. And this time, the ash was headed right for us.
Liam's preschool closed, and Matt came home. The library closed, so another event in my overpacked week was canceled. The boys went out and collected firewood so we could turn off our monitor stove. Thea and I nursed and nursed and nursed. Now, it is 1, and the ash cloud is over us as we speak. It is this huge, black cloud. I haven't really seen the ash coming down yet, but would be awfully surprised if we don't get something. Liam is so jangly. Thea is down for her second nap of the day. Matt's starting the wood stove. And I'm finally getting an afternoon with virtually nothing to do but take care of my kids and lay low. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered. As long as Thea turns the corner soon, I will consider this all a blessing in disguise.

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